About Glen Flora Farms

Glen Flora Farms, Inc. was founded in 1980. After thirty years of perfecting growing techniques, we have become one of the leading growers of specimen container-grown shade trees in the southern United States. Founded by the Wilkins Family, at the original location of 4 acres near the Colorado River in Glen Flora, the nursery moved to its present location of 110 acres in 1987. Our goal has always been to be recognized as a nursery committed to quality and service. To us growing trees is like producing a fine quality wine, "it’s not ready before its time."
Today, Glen Flora Farms, Inc. is working bigger and better than ever. We are growing larger sizes and increasing the number of 60” and 72" boxed trees to meet the needs of our valued customers. Our product line has been expanded to more than 75 varieties of 100% container-grown trees in sizes ranging from 15 gallon to 72” boxes.
Our staff of over 30 people is truly committed to providing you with the very best in quality and service while at the same time maintaining our reputation as outstanding growers.
Please join us as we celebrate our thirty-first year of doing just that.
Curtis W. Wilkins