New Customers

Glen Flora Farms is a wholesale nursery. We only sell to nurseries, garden centers, licensed contractors, builders, developers, municipalities, golf courses, and landscape professionals.
In order to purchase nursery stock, we require that you are a holder of a nursery certificate, landscaper’s license or can provide evidence that you are in the landscaping division of an established business in one of the above industries or of a municipality. The certificate number, license number or industry-specific business evidence must be furnished prior to the time of purchase. In addition, a Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate must be completed prior to purchase or your account will be coded accordingly and a tax rate of 6.75% will apply. Our experienced sales staff is available to assist in setting up your account and answering any questions that you may have.
In addition, for first-time customers, we require cash, cashier’s check or credit card in advance of delivery or picking up nursery stock. After the initial transaction, if the required paperwork is complete, we will accept company checks from personnel authorized to issue a company check.
We accept the following cards: